Gallery applicants should only be commercial galleries that hold more than three exhibitions each year in their own exhibition spaces. Any individual or institution that only conducts art work transactions will not be eligible to apply.

Other categories of applicants, such as jewelry and furniture, must have physical display space.


1. Applicant Materials Submission

  • Please fill in the full application and send it together with exhibitor owner/director’s signature, to the JINGART Contemporary Art Fair Executive Committee via e-mail. Applicants should keep a copy of all the application materials submitted to the Executive Committee, as they will not be returned. Any incomplete application material will lead to the failure of the application. Please note that the Executive Committee will not accept any material that have not been requested above.


2. Receipt of Application

  • The Executive Committee will confirm receipt of application via e-mail, please contact us if you have not received a confirmation letter 10 working days after your submission.


3. Application Approval

  • The Selection Committee will carefully evaluate all the application materials provided by the exhibitor and the Selection Committee has the right to ask the exhibitor to change art works or artists. The Selection Committee’s decision will be announced via e-mail.


4. Guarantee of Exhibits

  • The exhibitor must ensure the authenticity and quality of the works, and ensure that it has full ownership or the right to dispose of the works; ensure its exhibition, the sale, reproduction, information network transmission, propaganda and such of the exhibits will not infringe on the lawful rights and interests of any third party (including but not limited to the ownership, copyright, right of privacy, reputation, succession, etc.), also is not in violation of the provisions of the relevant
  • The exhibits which relate to general cultural relic shall be in strict accordance with the Protection Law of Cultural Relic of the People’s Republic of China, the Regulations on the Implementation of the Protection Law of Cultural Relic of the People’s Republic of China, the Measures for the Administration of Cultural Relic Entry and Exit and any other related
  • The exhibitor guarantees that there are no defects in the exhibits (Defects refer to any defects during the production, circulation and storage of the exhibits).
  • The exhibitor confirms that the Executive Committee is not responsible for the authenticity, quality and value of the exhibits. If exhibitors are in violation of the above guarantee and the buyers of the exhibits or the actual owners of the exhibits or any third party which claims ownership or disposition of the exhibits lodge a claim or suit, leading to losses of the Executive Committee and/or affiliated party, the exhibitors shall be responsible for compensation for all the losses of the Executive Committee and/or associated party and assume all the resulted costs, including but not limited to any and all claims, losses, expenses (including investigation fees and attorney’s fees, etc.) asserted against the Executive Committee and/or affiliated party by a third party.


5. Payment

  • The successful applicant should settle all the exhibition fees in a timely manner, in order to the secure its exhibition rights and qualification.

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